Z-Blade on a ProMark 120–Pretty Cool

Yesterday (Mon Nov 18) we got the first four ProMark 120/220 receivers. I have been excited to test the Z-Blade engine’s fix with multiple constellations (US and GLONASS) and poor constellation. I put a external antenna 2″ from the west side of our office building and after 20 seconds:


A full position fix with five SV’s: three US and two GLO! And this was not a fix that was obtained with a higher US count and then dropped. It is a full fix, from an ambiguous location (receiver last turned on in France, then shipped to Salt Lake City.)

Z-Blade really works and will make your life better if you work under canopy, in open pits, on the north side of mountains or a couple of inches from our office building 🙂

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