Updating FAST Survey on Older Data Collectors

I have received several questions from Thales/Magellan/Ashtech users who have the Allegro CE, Allegro CX or MobileMapper CE data collectors asking about ‘FAST Survey’ updates for these data collectors (typically they are being used with Z-Surveyor, Z-Xtreme, ZMax and ProMark 500 devices.)

 Currently Ashtech is building ‘FAST Survey’ distributions only for these devices:

                FT1, MobileMapper 6, MobileMapper 10, MobileMapper CX, ProMark 200 and the Ranger 3

I know that there are literally thousands of older data collectors running very old versions of ‘FAST Survey’ in the field today. The latest versions of FAST Survey and Carlson SurvCE had thousands of improvements and data flow enhancements, and the Allegro CE devices are still great devices.

It is possible to convert your ‘FAST Survey’ license key to a SurvCE license key and load the latest build of SurvCE onto your older data collector. Through this path, you can use a Z-Xtreme with Allegro CE AND the latest SurvCE collection software. The cost is only $250.

An exception is the Allegro CE with very old operating system (pre 4.1):

  • SurvCE for the AllegroCE with the CE.NET (4.1 and higher) operating system. If your Allegro is using the Windows CE 3.0 operating system, it is not supported by SurvCE 2.50 and higher. To find the version of your operating system, go to Control Panel/System on the device and look for the “Microsoft Windows CE Version” number.

Since Microsoft no longer supports updating the OS, I know of no way to handle old CE devices. However, there are still some work-arounds:

  • Transfer the FAST Survey license to a MM10
  • Crossgrade the FAST Survey license to SurvCE, then install on new MM10/LT30/Surveyor+

If you find yourself in this position, give me a call and I will see what I can do to get you updated.

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