GNSS Solutions Version 3.80.4

The latest version of GNSS Solutions supporting PM120 and PM220 has been released.
Some of the items I am most excited about:
  Correctly imports jobs that earlier version broke into multipe occupations
  RINEX 3.01 support
  Updated Antenna Database (from NGS)
  Updated RGP and IGS Station Lists
  RINEX Convertor 4.2.1  Latest GEOIDS tool 1.1.0
  Fixed: ‘Land Survey Report’ failure under Vista and Win7
  Fixed: Partially imported Stop and Go files
  Fixed: Dynamic jobs errantly made from Static files
  Fixed: Antenna Heights not automatically set from imported files
  Fixed: Errant import of some Hatanaka compressed files
  Fixed: Antenna name not imported correctly on some files
  Fixed: GNSS Solutions won’t work on some Win7 computers
I have to tell you that a few of the fixed items have been making me crazy! This is a welcome release.
Information is available
  [ here ]
The folder containing the latest installation tools is
  [ here]
Because the tool is distributed as multiple files in an FTP folder, and will present problems for many users I have made a single ZIP file installation tool available:
  [ here: ZIPed Installer ] << Best link if you are inexperienced with FTP!


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