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Connecting a Z-Max/Z-Extreme to Network/VRS/DirectIP without a GSM Module

Connecting a Legacy Z-Max to VRS Network

This method works with both ‘SurvCE’ and ‘FAST Survey’.

The easiest way to connect a Z-Max (or Z-Extreme) to a NTRIP or Direct IP is not with the factory GSM module. It is with a data collector, connected to the internet by Wi-Fi through a Mi-Fi device (or Bluetooth to cellphone,) and a serial connection from a COM port on the data collector to the Z-Max.

To use Wi-Fi you will need a data collector that has Wi-Fi and a hardwired serial port (Carlson Surveyor+.) You may alternatively use a BlueTooth connection to a cell phone and a hardwired connection to a serial port (Ashtech MMCX, MM100, PM100, PM200, Carlson Allegro.)

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