ProMark 500 V5 (S529G123) Major Firmware Release

New firmware for the PM500 was released earlier today. The new firmware adds support for:

  • several new PASH commands
  • a new internal antenna GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO L1/L2/L5
  • DBEN Base support (PM500’s will output legacy DBEN messages)
  • Command Scripting
  • Better support of auto-dial/auto-reconnect to NTRIP and DIP connections (on power-up or after connection loss)
  • Faster Time-To-First-Fix: ambiguities are solved 5 to 8 seconds faster after dump
  • and many other important updates

If you choose to update to this latest release, you MUST update to the latest version of FAST Survey (V2.5.1) and GNSS Solutions (V3.60.1) which were released last week.

You can read the detailed release notes [ here ].

You can download the file [ here ].

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