FAST Survey vs. Carlson SurvCE

Today’s release of new firmware for the ProMark 500 brings up an interesting consideration:

Is it better to pair FAST Survey or Carlson SurvCE with Ashtech equipment?

At first glance, both pieces of software are identical other than the initial splash screen. But release dates and versions expose an important difference: Carlson SurvCE releases do not match firmware updates in Ashtech equipment.

  • FAST Survey is usually updated at the same time new software is released for PM500, PF500, PM100 and PM200. SurvCE updates are not timed to match Ashtech firmware releases. Occasionally SurvCE won’t immediately handle the latest Ashtech firmware updates.
  • FAST Survey includes lifetime software updates at no charge. When Carlson updated SurvCE to version 2.0, there was a $295 to $495 cost associated to getting the 2.0 version.

Will the latest V5 firmware for the PM500 work with SurvCE? Probably.

Will the V5 latest firmware for the PM500 work with FAST Survey? For Sure!

Are there differences in price? No, here is a comparison table:

Table: FAST Survey vs. SurvCE Pricing

How much is syncronous versions and lifetime updates worth? Quite a bit, I think.

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