FAST Survey 2.4; Almanacs; Carlson Survey Special for FAST Survey Users, Upgrading from Pre Version 3.2 FAST Survey

1. Pre Version 2.3 FAST Survey Notes

If you have a data collector with pre-Version 2.3 of FAST Survey, you should consider upgrading to the latest version of FAST Survey.
There is more information at the end of this note (section 4) on the update details, the upgrade is currently free.
2. Almanacs on the Ashtech FTP Server

Almanacs (used for mission planning) are no longer (as of November 15, 2010) being placed on the Ashtech FTP server!
From now on you should use the online tool: [ Online Mission Planning ]
It is a great tool, plus it handles GLONASS data. I won’t miss the old planning software very often and when I do, I guess I can pull an almanac off one of our receivers.
3. Killer 2010 End of Year Special for FAST Survey Users

Normally I try to keep the commercial chatter turned off on the AshGPS mail list, however this deal is too good to not share with you!
Carlson Software has just announced a fantastic offer for all FAST Survey users (with post Version 2.3—see the note at the end of this message for instructions on how to update to latest version at no charge) in the United States:
Until the end of 2010, Ashtech FAST Survey users can purchase one copy of the Carlson Survey 2011 package for $750 per FAST Survey license! The Carlson Survey 2011 package is FULLY FUNCTIONAL.
The regular price for Carlson Survey 2011 is $1,500, this special offer is a 50% discount.
FAST Survey is the Ashtech/Magellan/Thales ‘House Brand’ of Carlson Software’s SurvCE, the primary difference between FAST and SurvCE is the opening splash screen.
Carlson Survey 2011 is a full function CAD package and is the desktop companion tool to enhance FAST Survey.Carlson Survey 2010 directly reads FAST Survey CRD files, RW5, CL, PRO and SCT files; raw, centerline, profile files and alignment files.
All of your field work produced in FAST Survey will quickly transfer to Carlson Survey. All the office work produced inCarlson Survey will transfer to FAST Survey.
If you are interested in Carlson Survey, drop me a note by email or call, I need your FAST Survey serial number and the FAST Survey version you are running. Once I verify your eligibility, I will send you a written quotation.
Carlson Technical Support

One of the best values of Survey is Carlson Technical Support is FREE. No contract required. No credit card needed. You do not even need to be on the latest version. If you have a question, they want to answer it.
Maintenance is optional at Carlson, not a required expense like with other software.
For More Carlson Survey Information

Carlson Survey 2011 [ Info ]
Carlson Survey 2011 [ User Manual ]
Top Ten Reasons to Purchase Carlson Survey: [ Top 10 ]
Carlson Survey Training Videos: [ Videos ]
1-year additional ‘Upgrade Maintenance’ can be added to the ‘Carlson Survey 2011’ purchase giving you 1 full year of automatic updates: $150.
Network enhancements are also available with a slight additional cost: $150.
Carlson Survey Demos

You can demo a 30-day fully functional copy of Carlson Survey 2011, with a simple download. Click for the demo request form:
choose ‘Igage Mapping Corp’ as the dealer
click on the ‘+’ left of ‘Survey’ under ‘Select Product’
check the ‘Carlson Survey (ICAD / ACAD Addon) 2011
check ‘Email me with download site and demo serial number’
fill in your contact information
You will receive download information and a demo serial number by email.
The demo is valid for 30-days after you install, but don’t delay in placing your order for this special deal too long, it expires Friday December 31st, 2010!
4. Upgrading Older Versions of FAST Survey (Pre V2.3)

The current version of FAST Survey is 2.4.
You can check your version by starting FAST Survey and selecting “Equip: About FAST Survey”
Version 2.4 was released November 1, 2010 is available from the Ashtech FTP site [ here ]; this version is compatible with all but the most ancient data collectors:
YES:   MMCE, MMCX, Allegro CX, Allegro MX, MM6, FT-1
NO:    ProMark 3 using the internal receiver, Allegro CE
If you are using an older version of FAST Survey (pre Version 3.2), your older serial number won’t work with the latest version of FAST Survey!
I should be able to help you exchange your old FAST Survey serial number for a new style serial number.
Old (pre V3.2) FAST Survey versions have a number like:
Registration Code: 154-387
Serial Number: 1507-2475701-304081
Change Key: 25364
New (post 2.3)FAST Survey versions have serial numbers like:
If you have one of the receivers listed above under ‘YES’ and it does not have a xxxxx-CAA30-xxxx serial number, send:
  • Your Old FAST Survey Serial Number:
  • The Registration Code:
  • The Old Change Key:
  • The Serial Number of your data collector:
  • Your Name, Address, Phone and Email
to me by email ( ). It will take me a day to return you a new Version 3.2 serial number. (You can only update a receiver once of course.)
Then you can update the FAST Survey program on your data collector with the correct file from the Ashtech FTP server.
As part of the registration process, you will visit this web address:
where you will input the particulars of your receiver and the new serial number. The web site will register your data collector to you and return a Change Key for the new software.
Written details of the new version are available [ here ]

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