ProMark 500: New GNSS Firmware

New GNSS firmware S403Gv21 was released October 4, 2010. Details on the firmware release can be found at:

ProMark 500 Firmware Release Information ]

Firmware: V4.03 [ info ] [ folder ] 04-October-2010

General version number: S403Gv21

SYS FW: S056
RFS: 403
KERNEL: 2.6.19
PMU: 2.31
GSM: 6.63c or 7.3

Note, V4.1 of PM500 requires GNSS Solutions 3.10.10 and FAST Survey 2.3.5

Online Mission Planning

A nifty online mission planning tool is available. This tool supports US, GLONASS and SBAS SV’s and directly integrates with Google Maps for choosing site information and displaying SV positions.

You can access the web tool at:

and the Mobile Device tool at:

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